Just the Beginning

So, I’m not exactly sure how to start one of these “blogs” but here I go. I am 21 years old and currently enrolled full time at Seneca College. I am taking legal courses to become a paralegal and/or law clerk. I’m still undecided about which route to take.

I’ve always pictured myself as being an adventurer, doing whatever I want – whenever I want. Turns out, that’s not how my life is. I guess that’s the reason I wanted to start this blog. I want an outlet to express my feelings and possibly also give myself the kick in the a** I need to start doing what I want.

I feel like at such a young age I’m stuck in a rut. I know, poor me speech. I know I’m fortunate to be where I am but like anyone, I want more. I want to fulfill my dreams and aspirations. I want to be fulfilled and happy, truly happy.

Steps I want to take to make myself happier:

(1) Stop scrolling through Facebook and Instagram for countless hours a day – stop living my life through a phone screen.

(2) Start everyday with smile!

(3) Take more time to spend outside with my dogs.

(4) Start feeling healthier by watching what I feed myself. Brain food!

(5) Read more books.

Man, this list could go on and on. At least I’m finally setting out a few simple steps that hopefully will impact my life for better.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

Love to all xxx